How to submit

Submit using the Google form linked here, and best of luck to all submitting!

When to submit

Submissions to Knee Brace Press will be open four times a year: March 1-15, June 1-15, September 1-15, and December 1-15. Submissions sent outside of these dates will be deleted unread.


Simultaneous submissions are not only accepted, but encouraged! Please shoot us an email at if your submission gets picked up by another magazine and feel free to submit another piece if submissions are still open or during the next submission period.

All submissions must relate to chronic illness, disability, mental health and/or neurodivergence in some way. What that means is pretty much up to you. If you think your piece covers any of these topics, send it our way!

Fiction: Submit up to one story 10k words or fewer.

Nonfiction: Submit up to one essay 10k words or fewer.

Poetry: Submit up to three poems in one document.

Book excerpts: Submit up to one standalone excerpt 5k words or fewer.

Photography: Submit up to three photos.

Art: Submit up to three pieces.