Content warnings

The content in the stories, poems, and art featured on Knee Brace Press’ website may include a number of triggers for some visitors, so please take care of yourselves while reading and please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Please note that Knee Brace Press will never intentionally take a piece of creative work that glorifies ableism or any harmful content toward a historically marginalized community.

Content on this website may include depictions of or references to ableism, addiction, ADHD, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, bipolar disorder, cancer, chronic pain, death, depression, dissociative identity disorder, eating disorders, general trauma, grief, illness-induced weight loss, OCD, medical gaslighting, medical prejudice, medical trauma, panic attacks, PTSD, seizures, self-harm, serious illness, strokes, suicide, or suicidal thoughts or actions, among other things.