Meet our contributors

Jamieson Wolf has been writing since a young age, when he realized he could be writing instead of paying attention in school. He currently lives in Ottawa Ontario Canada with his husband Michael and their cat, Anakin who they swear has Jedi powers. You can find him at

Follow Wolf on Instagram at @jamieson.wolf and read his short story, To Thrive in Darkness.

Clara Olivo (she/her/ella) is an Afro-Salvi poet and the author of The Whisper, The Storm and The Light In Between. Clara lives in a quiet home on unceded Duwamish land with her partner, dog, and an ever-growing number of plants.

Follow Olivo on Instagram at @HijaDeMilagro and @TheDiasporicConnection and read her poem, Try to Understand.

Amanda Cessor is a historical fantasy author and ghostwriter living in southern California with her husband, her dogs, and her cat. She has words in Full Mood Mag and drafts the serial The Hollowed Wilds.

Follow Cessor on Instagram and Twitter at @amandacanwrite, check out her author interview with Knee Brace Press, and read their short story, Summoning Serotonin.

Artist and writer Julián Esteban Torres López is a Turtle Island-conceived, Abya Yala-born, multiply neurodivergent with multiple chronic conditions and Afro-Euro-Indigenous roots. He is the founder of The Nasiona, managing director of consulting and strategy at Conscious Thrive, and architect of numerous other initiatives. His work has centers existential concerns of decoloniality and the reclamation of agency.

Follow Torres López on Instagram and Twitter at @JE_Torres_Lopez and read and listen to his work, Neurodivergent.

Poet Lara Haynes Freed holds an MA in linguistics from the University of Kansas and studied screenwriting and technical writing at the University of Washington. Interests in psychology, mythology, and subculture inspire her creative work.

Read her poem, Resection.

A black and white photo depicts a person with a small smile. They are crossing their arms over a black button up with small white dogs. Their hair is short and they wear round glasses.

DMV-based poet Sojourner “Hughes” Davidson enjoys exploring politics, identity, relationships, the mind, and the body in their work. Davidson believes poetry is felt both emotionally and physically, and a poem is great when it reaches the reader in both places.

Follow Davidson on Instagram at @tendingverses and read their poem, Ache Awake.