Short stories

Submit your short story to Knee Brace Press! We welcome new voices and veteran authors alike.


All submissions must relate to chronic illness, disability, mental health and/or neurodivergence in some way. What that means is pretty much up to you. If you think your piece covers any of these topics, send it out way!

Our stories

Searching for Bunker Norms

It’s the end of the world. Then again, we Spoonies have always been able to adapt. While the non-disabled, richest one percent were hidden underground in bunkers during the catastrophe, a network spearheaded by a disabled woman had secretly gathered to protect the most disregarded of the population. Read Searching for Bunker Norms here.

To Thrive in Darkness

“We were friendly with the dark.” So begins Jamieson Wolf’s To Thrive in Darkness, a short story where the characters live in a fictional labyrinth, but the narrator’s experiences with disability are strikingly similar to Wolf’s own experiences with multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Read To Thrive in Darkness here.

Summoning Serotonin

Sometimes, all we need is a little help, even if that help comes from an unexpected source. Author Amanda Cessor shares with us a fantastical short story about her very real experience with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Read Summoning Serotonin here.


At twenty years old, Julián Esteban Torres López wrote Neurodivergent, a piece about how his ADHD, aphantasia, autism, and OCD intersect in his own mind. Torres López is the founder of The Nasiona, a movement and non-profit that advocates for and centers personal stories of historically marginalized voices. Listen to and read Neurodivergent here.