Author interviews

Hello authors! Many of us at Knee Brace Press have written books, and we’d love to help you get the word out about yours. Feel free to fill out the Google form linked here for the chance to speak with Allison Stalberg Siebens, our resident staff interviewer, about your book. Submissions for author interviews are open any time.


All submissions must relate to chronic illness, disability, mental health and/or neurodivergence in some way. What that means is pretty much up to you. If you think your piece covers any of these topics, send it out way!

Our interviews

An interview with Julian R. Vaca

In an alternative 1987, a disease ravages human memories. There is no cure, only artificial recall. We spoke with author Julian R. Vaca about his novel, The Memory Index, the sequel of which comes out in April 2023. Read more here.

An interview with Clara Olivo

Clara Olivo’s The Whisper, The Storm and The Light In Between is a poetic memoir of diasporic despair and delight. An autobiographical reflection of the author’s journey as a queer, neurodivergent, disabled woman of color, Olivo’s collection touches on issues of American exceptionalism, race, miscegenation, and cultural memory. Read more here.

A woman with short, blonde hair and oval glasses smiles at the camera. She is wearing a dark blue sweater, pearl earrings, and a silver necklace. The background is white.

An interview with Lynn Slaughter

All of Lynn Slaughter’s books pack an emotional punch. In It Should Have Been You, the young protagonist grapples with survivor’s guilt after the death of her twin. Leisha’s Song takes a look at the tragic fallout from of an abusive childhood. Deadly Setup features a character dealing with the actions of her mother, who is a narcissist. Currently, Slaughter is writing a book that focuses on domestic violence. Read more here.

An interview with Amanda Cessor

Twenty-two-year-old Juniper Harlow has always struggled with social anxiety. Oleander Ambrose, her parents’ ward and fellow witch, is an exception to this rule until he returns from a rite of passage older and now seemingly a stranger. Read more here.