By Amba Elieff

I take a step
I move like I am tipsy
foot uncertain where the floor is
searching to see if the floor will come up to meet my
if my foot will meet the floor
A slight sway
I reach out, hold onto the wall
as my straight lines arc
following the curve of an
invisible rainbow the path of my eyebrow
the bend of a river
and I am floating
and suddenly
everything is firm again
my step is sure
the earth is stable
and I continue on

Amba Elieff has been a closet poet most of her life. She has always used poetry as a way of capturing the challenges and celebrations of life. She writes about the little things and big things that make up life.

One response to “Vertigo”

  1. Julie Weissman-Steinbaugh Avatar
    Julie Weissman-Steinbaugh

    Your poem helped me to understand the tremendous impact vertigo can have on a person’s life. Thank you for sharing!


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