Seizure #774

By Mugabi Byenkya

I was in the middle of a violent convulsion in bed
the bedroom door swung open
you shuffled in unannounced and unwanted
I attempted to verbalize 
you stared 
I grunted 
you stared 
you stared
you stared
you stared 
I yelled
you stared
you stared
your head jolted back as you awkwardly shuffled out of the bedroom
slamming the door behind you 
we barely spoke ever again 

Mugabi Byenkya is an award-winning writer of prose, poetry, comics, essays, drama, and songs. In 2018, Mugabi was named one of fifty-six writers who has contributed to their native Uganda’s literary heritage in the fifty-six years since independence by Writivism, East Africa’s largest literary festival. Mugabi wants to be Jaden Smith when they grow up. Check out the rest of their work on their website,, and follow them on social media: @mugabsb on Twitter, @mugabs on Instagram, and @mugabsb on Facebook.

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