By AM Rodriguez

I think about ghosts and love.

I think about haunted houses and empty spaces.

I think about cemeteries and lost love letters.
How a haunting can be a long-gone love,
A forgotten memory.
How these spirits in my home
Are not scary, but comforting
When I’m alone, forgotten, and lost.

The cold spaces in my room are the warmth I seek in
In other places.

Past lovers and tenderness,
Disappeared under the night sky.
And comforting touches,
Hidden under dirty kitchen tiles.

How many unspoken
Words were left behind
For the spirits in my presence?

How many unfinished
Feelings lay buried
Under my feet?

How many thoughts fly around In These haunted walls?

I long for these ghosts, waiting For their longing to finish
Sooner than later.

Writer, adult, and cat lover.

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