Spoon Tattoo

By Amba Elieff

Small on her ankle
the drawing of a teaspoon
like you would find in your kitchen
She crosses her leg and gently fingers it
a reminder that each day
she is given a certain amount of energy – spoons
When the spoons are gone
her body will register exhaustion
and the day must end
because there are no more spoons
And if she isn’t careful
she will jeopardize tomorrow’s spoons
And then all the spoons will fall
with a mighty clatter
leaving her spent, drained, and so heavy she can’t move
til it takes too much energy
to even lift a spoon

Amba Elieff has been a closet poet most of her life. She has always used poetry as a way of capturing the challenges and celebrations of life. She writes about the little things and big things that make up life.

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