Ache Awake

By Sojourner “Hughes” Davidson

Every part of me aches
Like cracks in the ground
Like an earthquake rising from under the surface
Percussion on my body
Magma boiling

Every part of me aches
And sleep comes like waves
Under the moon

In my head
The sound of a whistling kettle
That can’t be removed from the flame
My bones are on the fire
Listen to the crackle when I rise
And shift

A black and white photo depicts a person with a small smile. They are crossing their arms over a black button up with small white dogs. Their hair is short and they wear round glasses.

My name is Sojourner “Hughes” Davidson. I am a poet based out of the DMV area. My interest in poetry began in high school English and grew in college as I began reading and writing more poetry. As a college student, I had two poems published in my college’s lit mag, The Greenleaf Review, and worked as the art editor. My poetry tends to explore politics, identity, relationships, the mind, and the body. I try to bring everything back to the mind and the body. I believe poetry is felt both emotionally and physically, and a poem is great when it reaches you in both places.

One response to “Ache Awake”

  1. I can relate to the feelings expressed in your poem. I’m looking forward for more to come! Aunt Brenda is so proud of your many successes!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.


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